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Fret! - "Through The Wound The Light Comes In" CD Album


9-track, debut album from the Newcastle (UK) noise-rock trio. Packaged in gate-fold sleeve, shrink-wrapped with original art-work by Tom McCarthaigh. Limited to 200 copies.

Dayz Of Purple And Orange blog have said: "Like the EPs, 'Through The Wound The Light Comes In' is full of blistering noise, warped post rock and a whole lot more. What's more is that it gives everything a real kick up the arse, which in this day and age, is sorely needed.

Fret! are one of those bands that I've loved since first hearing, partly based on the fact that they take me way back to the golden age of Amp Rep and Blast First but also because they have an inherent sense of what makes a good record. They use and abuse a variety of styles and have no compunction about throwing them away when done with and this results in music that reflects influences but in no way pays homage - no gods, no heroes, just Fret! making a bloody good noise. What is also clear is that these guys obviously love what they do..underneath the Sturm und Drang is a mischievous edge that cocks a wry snoot at everything. 'Through The Wound The Light Comes In' is a wonderful album and one that I will no doubt come back to time and time again."